ATARIS is an independent,
first of kind research organisation
created to enhance the processes,
interactions and efficacy of the
Australian tendering industry
through insights-based research.

We collaborate with Buyers, Bidders, Stakeholders and
Practitioners across the public and private sectors to
identify issues and share useful knowledge that enhances
understanding, capability and trust.

We gather commercially-neutral, evidence based research
in strict adherence with our Confidentiality Charter,
Chatham House processes and the AMSRS code of
professional behaviour.

We analyse this information to gain a deeper understand-
ing of the challenges facing different players in the indus-
try and translate priority research findings into practical
industry tools, programs and innovations.

We share valuable insights with members through publica-
tions, events and training in a manner that benefits the
capability and knowledge of the tendering industry as a
whole as it continues to grow and evolve.

We are ethical and neutral in all our dealings. We exist to
bring scientific rigour and new insights to an already capa-
ble market and enhance the outcomes of project planners,
deliverers and decision makers.

To learn more about ATARIS you can attend one
of our member information sessions or register your interest
to participate in one of our upcoming studies:


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