Although procurement processes are well governed and often transparent, valuable insights on the key factors underpinning decision making is largely ‘black-boxed’ to protect sensitive information. This often creates a communication vacuum where productive two-way feedback and knowledge can be lost.

ATARIS was founded to close this knowledge gap by acting as a trusted, independent third party that helps to facilitate knowledge sharing, industry insight and capacity building in a responsible and neutral manner.

Strategic Goal

In 2019, ATARIS will focus its efforts on a specific sub-sector of the Australian tender industry, being the Victorian infrastructure sector. This first step will provide the research methodologies, market confidence and membership base required to expand our programs into other sectors of the tender industry nationwide.

ATARIS’ strategic goal for 2019 is to operate as a trusted, independent third party that enhances the functions, interactions and confidence of the Victorian infrastructure marketplace.

The Problem

In Victoria there is a $106 billion infrastructure pipeline, including 122 projects underway with a value of $49.9 billion, and 120 projects planned with a value of $56.3 billion, of which two thirds are public and one third private.


This infrastructure pipeline represents an enormous investment of our society’s time and resources.


The Solution

ATARIS’ research seeks to fill the ‘fact gap’ in the tendering industry with commercially-neutral and evidence based qualitative and quantitative research.


By bringing scientific rigour to the tendering industry, ATARIS will help to support and uplift an already capable and mature market through useful, validated and timely communication among industry groups.